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When it comes to finding a date in the city, let’s face it our options are slim, especially in these bitter months of cold, cold winter.

Our events are a sociable and fun way to meet lots of like-minded singles in one evening.

We hold all our events in centrally located bars or clubs hired exclusively for the evening.

When you’re lonely and on the market browsing for a connection, it seems like the market is limited to pubs, coffee shop and “dating your computer.” If you’re like many out there you’re probably feeling a little hopeless.

The bar scene gets old very fast and with all the internet dating sites it feels tedious and you can never really be sure if people are who they profile themselves to be. Here at Positive Passions we’ve decided to create a new convenient avenue for the lonely hearts out there. Speed dating is a safe, face to face, no bull, fly by the cuff dating option.

You will engage in 5 minute rotations, with comment/matchmaking cards that you leave behind when you’re done.

If you and another single “check” each other on your match cards Positive Passions will call you within two days of the event with your match’s phone number, then well, the rest is up to you.

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