Who is lauren conrad dating july 2016

"We were dating, and then he filmed with me [the] first season that never aired," she explained. He came to my very first apartment -- I think it was before I even met Heidi [Montag] and Lauren [Conrad], really -- and we filmed doing my hair or something." "And then we didn't really talk until third season, we started hanging out again and he was kind of entertaining the idea of filming," she continued.

"It was hard with Justin towards the end with him and Kristin [Cavallari] and all that stuff." That "stuff" she's referring to is a party scene in which her and Cavallari got into a "fake" fight over Brescia while filming at Heidi and Spencer Pratt’s house, which we found out was, sadly, also fake.

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But the problem was that I came to this conclusion after only two episodes of the new season had aired.

Soon after that, Spencer and Heidi disappeared from the show.

The two celebrated their news with an intimate engagement celebration at ROKU, which Speidi attended. Justin's last name is Brescia, and since leaving the show, he's opened a few hair salons named Brush Your Hair and started a line of the same name.

Then: Stephanie still had a little bit of growing up to do. She also had to deal with her brother Spencer, who wasn't always the nicest. He also plays in a band called Bobbyrock that you might be able to see on tour this summer.

has morphed into a treatise on the “reality” of reality TV “stardom,” a reality crafted by the rewards and labors of a life of constant surveillance and confession.

I don’t think it’s a stretch to argue that this season can also serve as an allegory of the current cultural moment—in which we are starting to take stock of the high costs of self-exposure.” I thought that was a fairly tidy conclusion.

"It seems like we're about to go back in time right now and reminisce and I'm ready for it." WATCH: Heidi Montag Reflects on Plastic Surgery Obsession Ready, indeed!

From on-and-off screen romances to rocky friendships, Patridge was not shy about spilling secrets with us, including her infamous relationship with Justin Brescia (aka "Justin Bobby.") According to Patridge, who says she wore her heart on her sleeve "most of the time," the two were seeing each other before the show began production.

“I’m not doing it,” Conrad replied cordially when asked if she would participate.

“Somebody might be doing it, [but] I’m not doing it.” When pressed about why she was through with , Conrad, who is a bestselling author, successful clothing designer and media entrepreneur, simply said there was no reason to rehash the past — plus, she added, she’s too boring (read: level-headed and wealthy) for reality TV these days.

“I’m so proud of what we did and I feel like I ended on such a great note,” the LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s designer explained. Like, no one needs to see that.” However, all is not lost for diehard fans of the show.

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