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Here, on "Burnin' and Lootin'," they take issue with fellow Jamaican Jimmy Cliff's song of the previous year, "Many Rivers to Cross," asking impatiently, "How many rivers do we have to cross/Before we can talk to the boss?

" "I Shot the Sheriff," the album's most celebrated song, which became a number one hit in the hands of Eric Clapton in 1974, claims self-defense, admits consequences ("If I am guilty I will pay"), and emphasizes the isolated nature of the killing ("I didn't shoot no deputy"), but its central image is violent.

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If subjected to another droning three-hour job about sexual identity, race relations or dystopianism, I may scream.

What a relief, therefore, to encounter a show as unashamedly direct as this, devoted to giving the audience an evening’s throbbing fun.

The confrontational nature of the group's message is apparent immediately in the opening track, "Get Up, Stand Up," as stirring a song as any that emerged from the American Civil Rights movement a decade before.

The Wailers are explicit in their call to violence, a complete reversal from their own 1960s "Simmer Down" philosophy.

Bob's fur was so thick he could barely see or even eat, SCAR said.

And he was terrified of humans - perhaps a sign of some previous abuse.'Our hearts are broken for these sweet babies,' SCAR wrote.She attended high school and college in Pennsylvania and currently resides in the Philadelphia area.The Wailers' fourth album overall, Burnin', was their second for Island Records, released only six months after its predecessor, Catch a Fire.Mr Brunings, done up in thick dreadlocks, may not be an exact fit physically, being more muscular than Marley, but in his singing and total immersion in the role he is eerily well cast.So much current theatre, particularly in the state-funded sector, is preachy and over-wordy.His smiling face is featured on murals across the world, and his music continues to bring joy to people of all races, nationalities and creeds.

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