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Blaine is part of the Barbie doll collection by Mattel.As part of a large-scale publicity promotion by the toy manufacturer Mattel, the day before Valentine's Day in 2004, a press release was issued, stating that the world famous Fashion Doll couple, Barbie and Ken, were parting company.The circumstances surrounding the famous couple's break were hazy, though their spokespeople assured the press they split up on good terms.

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, a girls' night out turns into a drama-fueled fight when Olivia Pierson throws shade at Barbie Blank."Olivia are you dating someone right now?

So for her to just specify and say all hockey players cheat, that f--king makes me so angry.""Are you insinuating that my fiancé's a cheater?!

After Ken's efforts over the past month to woo back Barbie — he's been posting about his grand romantic gestures on Facebook and Twitter— she has made her decision.

"Ken and I were made for each other," Barbie tells USA TODAY.

“People have a perception of me from TV and think the first thing I am going to be interested in is looks — but it’s not,” he said.

Despite his rotten luck in the dating pool, some of Jedlica’s 340 surgeries were paid for by his many adoring male fans.

Russell Arons — who doubles as Mattel Inc.'s (search) vice president of marketing for Barbie.

"The tolls of Hollywood romance are well known." Arons and Sunshine described it as a "sad" and "reflective" day.

No new versions of Ken were produced during this period, but his presence was felt by means of "Handsome Groom" dolls, which were basically Ken dolls sold without the Ken name on the package.

In mid-2006, Ken returned to Barbie's life, with a much-ballyhooed "New Look" and an updated, more modern image. Blaine has a sister named Summer, who, according to the "Cali Girl" storyline, was a good friend of Barbie's, and the reason that Barbie first met Blaine.

"Cali Guy" Blaine Dolls appeared on store shelves late June 2004.

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