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While on a trip to New York City, Prince mentioned Snow to rap star M. Snow eventually signed a contract to record on their Motorjam/Elektra record label and in 1993 released his debut album 12 Inches of Snow. The album sold over 8 million records worldwide, with the "Informer" single remaining number 1 on the American Billboard charts for seven consecutive weeks.

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On February 9, 1964, when Wilson and her sister Ann watched The Beatles perform on The Ed Sullivan Show, they both instantly wanted to be like the band.

In an interview she said, "The lightning bolt came out of the heavens and struck Ann and me the first time we saw the Beatles on 'The Ed Sullivan Show'. There'd been so much anticipation and hype about the Beatles that it was a huge event, like the lunar landing; that was the moment Ann and I heard the call to become rock musicians. Right away, we started doing air guitar shows in the living room, faking English accents, and studying all the fanzines." Two of Wilson's friends who could sing joined her and Ann to form their first music group.

Danville PA During this year’s Danville Heritage event, be sure to head over to the Hess Field Pavilion between A. It’s a great chance to grab some food, meet your ward’s representatives, and chat about our wonderful community!

Members of the Danville Borough Council will be cooking up some hotdogs and hamburgers for your enjoyment and be on hand to discuss any borough issues or concerns you may have.

Some of that can be attributed to production from The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney (whom Branch also happens to be dating), a reinvention that, by her own website’s admission, seeks to establish Branch’s indie cred.

[Esther Zuckerman]A former rookie of the Warp Records roster turned label stalwart, Chris Clark—now simply known as Clark—began by synthesizing elements of its most venerable ’90s artists like Autechre and Aphex Twin, but quickly established himself as one of its most progressive and varied artists.

Wilson's parents soon bought Nancy a smaller guitar, but since it would not stay in tune, Ann's guitar became hers as well.

On August 25, 1966, The Beatles played at the Seattle Center Coliseum. Wilson's mother had made matching outfits like the ones that The Beatles wore so that the girls would "look professional". The Viewpoints' first public show was a folk festival on Vashon Island in 1967.

In 1988, Jamaican-born DJ Marvin Prince witnessed O'Brien deejaying at a party and the two quickly became friends.

For the next few years, they practiced in Prince's basement with Snow providing vocals and Prince playing records. Shan then invited Snow to New York and introduced him to music producers, David Eng and Steve Salem.

Browning , Danette Chavez , Leonardo Adrian Garcia , Matt Gerardi , Gwen Ihnat , Alex Mc Levy , Josh Modell , Sean O' Neal , Caitlin Penzey Moog , Clayton Purdom , Katie Rife , Kelsey J.

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