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I can't say that any season-closer of Castle has ever quite successfully reached burrowing-bug status in my mind, but there have certainly been times where I've wondered over the course of a summer what might happen to intrepid investigators Richard Castle and Kate Beckett; this was especially true after Season 3's capper, which featured Beckett on the wrong end of an assassin's bullet.

Watch Castle a little more throw, and try to pay attention to it a little more, it's okay though, you tried, in fact this is a good grade but no the best, Have fun watching Castle.

i got all the answers correct and i got this in reply i copied and pasted the above text so no that is not my grammar castle was married 3 times, Alexis,martha and her mother have red hair please update your test This is a lie I did the qiuz and got 16 out of 20 and I watch it every single day.

This is especially true of season-ending cliffhangers, the likes of which must find ways to sustain audience speculation for months of dead air, as opposed to just a single week's time.

When one of these endings is done particularly well, they'll stick in my brain like a bug, burrowing ever deeper until the anticipation of seeing the payoff becomes almost too much to bear.

Good cliffhangers build on existing storylines to create a feverish level of interest and then cruelly (but effectively) cut off right before the moment of highest anticipation occurs.

Last season's finale felt like a hasty build-up to a problem and solution nobody had much time to wrap their heads around, nor really invest in.First the hair of Alexis and Martha have orange or red hair NOT BLONDE.Second actually there started to be together at the end of season 4 and third Castle married 3 times...The source spoke with the Daily Mail and said there is a lot of tension between them."The Castle cast just found out the show will be picked up for another season," the source alleged.C.—as well as Castle throwing down the gauntlet with a marriage proposal right at the tail end of the hour—I can't say I've really given it much of a second thought over the last few months.

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