Westerners dating taiwanese women in taiwan

Marriages between Eastern men and Western women provide a look at what happens when worlds collide.

So much has been said and written about Westerners taking wives from the East. This time, we won’t be discussing how reliable these assertions are; those of us who have lived in the East long enough know that women here may radically contradict common clichés.

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It’s not very uncommon to see gorgeous Asian girls, dressed to the nines, hanging off the arm of a guy who wouldn’t get a second glance even by the plainest Jane back home. Some girls like them because of the “status” it gives them, some girls like them because of the $$$, some girls want the way into North America, and no doubt some girls it’s pure attraction and/or love… Taiwanese male with white female relationships are even more rare.

There are a lot of interesting theories about this, many can be read online.

Asia is called “single girl hell” for north American women.

I’m a very very brown white girl, but I’m a white girl.

The common ones seem to be: – the Taiwanese (or even Asian in general) male’s perception of us ie that we’re loud, easy, outspoken, and overly independent.) – that Taiwanese males are just too shy….

this stems from lack of confidence in their ability to speak English and confidence issues created by the way they’re portrayed in Western media. Our facial features, colouring and hair colour are great… but what they’re fed by their media is even more extreme than what we’re fed back home I think.

Taiwanese seem to be keener than any other Asian men to diverge from traditional, time-tested lifestyles and plunge into an unpredictable family adventure with emancipated western women.

This unconventional way was pioneered by none other than the son of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, Jiang Jing-guo, who married 19-year old Faina Vakhreva in 1935.

Rather than start there, let's see what fantasy "western" men might be holding about Taiwanese females.

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