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The Sixties really did swing and those of us lucky enough to have made music enjoyed it even more as we learnt our craft, made a few quid, enjoyed the ladies' attention (!

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There was a camaraderie amongst the local bands as new ones were formed or reformed from the remnants of other groups and the changing tastes in music throughout this time inspired and influenced us all.

After so many years, it is great for me to have set up these pages and made contact with several old pals from that time as the internet provides a great chance to check out the most obscure people and places.

Amplifiers currently produced in China, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Vox Amplification is distributed in England and through the U. Tom Jennings was born on February 28, 1917 in Hackney England.

The Vox Amplifier company was started by Tom Jennings and Dick Denney.

These amplifiers used only the highest quality components inside and out, featuring transformers by Partridge and valves by Mullard from the beginning.

While doing all this, he produced an OEM run of amplifiers for Sound City, and was laid off by Mullard.At this time, in 1968, he used the money he got from the Sound City project and his severance from Mullard to buy a house in New Malden, and started building his Hiwatt amplifiers full time in the garage.HIWATT was a life-long labor of love for Reeves, and he ran the company until his unfortunate accidental death in 1981.Please note that many images contained within this website may be subject to copyright, although many have been kindly sent to me and intended to be shared on this non commercial outlet.If anybody wishes to use any of the same, then please get in touch as well as possibly giving credit where due as well as setting up reciprocal links if relevant to the actual content on any webpage.These are my pages dedicated to the wonderful classic valve guitar amps known as HIWATTs - the product of the design genius of the late Dave Reeves.

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