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I recently bought a new laptop that came pre-installed with Windows Vista Home Premium.While waiting for the release of Windows 7, I got comfortable with my system and customized all of my settings including the system tray’s notification icons. For example, you might have upgraded an application and the new version came with a new and improved application icon, but you still see the old icon on the Desktop.

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Each step provides instructions or a link to a document to eliminate possible causes and take corrective action as necessary.

The steps are ordered in the most appropriate sequence to isolate the issue and identify the proper resolution. Warning: Turning off your firewall can leave your computer open to attack. If turning off the firewall resolves the issue, consult the operating system's documentation for instructions to configure it properly so that it does not completely block this connection.

The idea behind this registry tweak is to rename the name of the Network Icon found on the Vista desktop.

Please note, this Network Icon lacks a rename option, thus you have to resort to a registry edit.

In Windows 7 and Vista, the icon cache file is: So, what to do if the icon cache file became corrupted or damaged, or if Windows did not replace a copy of an icon in the icon cache with a new image of the icon for some reason?

The solution is simple: you need to force Windows to rebuild its icon cache!Original name and after registry tweak ♦ Before you attempt this registry tweak, ensure that the Vista desktop displays the Network icon.Right-click the desktop, Personalize and select: Change Desktop Icons.Check the real-time performance, and availability statistics, for any device on your network.Get started with an extensive collection of "out-of-the-box" monitors for popular network devices. Download your free Network Device Monitor ** HKLM is an abbreviation of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, and HKCU is shorthand for HKEY_CURRENT_USER.Don't know how to change my Network to Ethernet Adapter as default. Hi, After I updated to the latest Windows 10 "upgrade" (Build 1511, 10586) released yesterday thru Windows Update, my system shows only the Wi-Fi icon on Taskbar instead of the Ethernet Network icon which it used to display earlier.

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