Updating your computers clock

- WAUS stands for Windows Automatic Update Service.This is a service provided by Penn's division of Information Systems and Computing (ISC) to keep your computer's Windows operating system up-to-date with the latest critical updates.And whats really strange is, that the clock sometimes even runs backwards!

Updating your computers clock

For example, Windows uses the information from the software clock when it date and time stamps files.

The software clock is useful, but it has several limitations. Its accuracy is limited by the stability of the interrupt requests.

A workaround in this instance is to change the NTP client to update more often.

Open through the start menu search box, and then find this registry key: The default time period is 7 days calculated in seconds.

If that happens, you may be disconnected from Penn Net.

- The easiest way to find out is to right-click on the My Computer icon to bring up a contextual menu. In the window that appears, you will see your operating system version listed after "System".Okay, I just checked if my Windows Time Service is running and it actually was (called "Windows Time") - but it's status type was "Manual", which I now changed to "Automatic".I also picked my timezone manually, and the clock just synced. Don't use that if you're a power user and you want granular control over your PC.- If your computer doesn't have an icon for "My Computer" on the desktop, locate "My Computer" in the Start menu.Right mouse click on "My Computer" and select "Properties" from the menu that appears.If you don't keep your computer up-to-date, then you run a high risk of having your computer compromised (hacked).

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