Updating mac bios

The Mac firmware research was conducted by Kovah, owner of Legba Core, a firmware security consultancy, and Trammell Hudson, a security engineer with Two Sigma Investments.

WARNING: As with all firmware updates, it is strongly recommended that you backup or make copies of all important files before performing this update.

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The nylon screws that are available are definitely worth the $5 - you might be able to get away with not replacing the clips, but is it worth it for $5?

There are quite a few myths out there about what you can or can’t do with Intel Macs. Here are some facts about Boot Camp to get a picture of what is involved in making it work.

The Apex should have a ‘Green’ and ‘Orange’ light on the Ethernet port when you’re connected.

(FYI: This page covers 2006-2008 Mac Mini models with socketed CPUs.

If there's an easier way (installer check edit, etc) send a note. (Several reports below have notes on OS X Lion with C2D updated 2006-08 Minis.

5/15/2013 report has notes on ML/OS X 10.8.3) (from 12/13/2013 mail) 2006 Mini Core2Duo CPU upgrade report I upgraded the CPU, RAM, HDD and the optical drive in a 2006 Mac Mini (originally 1.66GHz Core Solo) I bought to be used with a TV as a multimedia and web browsing machine. I would recommend that people get all the parts together before opening up the Mini.

If you’ve never performed a previous system update, that’s okay!

Start by downloading the latest firmware available below and watching the Firmware Update tutorial guide to get a glimpse on what’s involved.

Some reports include notes on updating mac mini 1,1 efi firmware/bootrom to mini 2,1 version for 3GB RAM support vs 2GB w/mini 1,1 - Guide to Flashing Mini 1,1 to 2,1 at [ If anyone knows of another mirror of the Firmware DL, let me know.] There were several news page posts earlier in 2006 on Core Duo CPU swaps (before the Core 2 Duo), although they are not listed here, except for the one that included a step-by-step guide on Mini CPU swaps from early May 2006 (see (2006) Mac Mini Intel CPU Upgrade Guide) and later posted ifixit guide).

A socketed CPU is a huge plus, although at some point future CPUs will not be compatible (and may use a different socket), but in the meantime it's a nice change to be able to use standard (high volume/commonly available) Intel CPUs for upgrades.

(CPUs in 2009 and later Mac Mini models are soldered to the motherboard.) Sponsor OWC has Mac mini upgrades (ram, drives, etc.) and take-apart guide videos for 2006-2008 Minis and later models.

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