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You'll never have a good hit ratio if everyone submits "unique" sql.

updating a view in plsql-24

If the condition is not true for any rows, then the database inserts into the target table based on the corresponding source table row.

if you want the database to execute the update operation only if the specified condition is true.

For a view to be inherently updatable, the following conditions must be met: In addition, if an inherently updatable view contains pseudocolumns or expressions, then you cannot update base table rows with an UPDATE statement that refers to any of these pseudocolumns or expressions.

If you want a join view to be updatable, then all of the following conditions must be true: Generally, you should not rely on being able to perform an insert to a view unless you have specifically written an INSTEAD OF trigger for it.

ADDRESSES_T1' create or replace trigger "ADDRESSES_T1" BEFORE insert or update on "ADDRESSES" for each row begin DECLARE l_lat NUMBER; l_lng NUMBER; l_postcode VARCHAR2(8) := : NEW. POSTCODE_TO_LAT_LNG_GM_API (l_postcode, l_lat, l_lng); :new.location = SDO_GEOMETRY(2001, --SDO_GTYPE 8307, --SDO_SRID SDO_POINT_TYPE(l_lng, --X lng l_lat, --Y lat null), --Z null, --SDO_ELEM_INFO_ARRAY null); END; Its throwing mutating table error because your trigger is getting fired on table ADDRESSES and inside the trigger body its updating the same table "ADDRESSES".

You can avoid this by using instead of triggers (creating view for table ADDRESSES).

statement to select rows from one or more sources for update or insertion into a table or view.

You can specify conditions to determine whether to update or insert into the target table or view.

In addition to causing the contention, they will be HUGE cpu consumers.

If you discover your applications do not use bind variables -- you must have this corrected.

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