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We got to do the Turkish bath and stuff like that, but I really got to know who she was, and it was fun getting to know who she was. I get to see people that I talk to on email and phone but haven’t met, like Gia and Gwen.She was an interesting girl, and that just made me realize more that she is with the person she needs to be with.: Do you keep in touch with Ali? I’ve hung out with Peyton — Peyton and Chris came to Nashville with us for a couple weeks.

But once Kocoras began to speak, it became clear that Warner wouldn’t spend one day behind bars for tax evasion. with all my heart, society will be best served by allowing him to continue his good works,” the judge concluded.

The judge all but produced a sword, asked the toy man to kneel, and tapped him on each shoulder. Warner’s private acts of kindness, generosity, and benevolence are overwhelming,” Kocoras said after reading aloud letters from Warner’s supporters. In lieu of the four-year-plus prison term recommended by federal guidelines, Kocoras sentenced Warner to two years of probation, 500 hours of community service, and a $100,000 fine.

or an intensely private billionaire, one who had spent much of his adult life behind an impenetrable wall of plush, January 14 had to have been as agonizing as a bolt-up-in-bed naked-in-the-classroom night terror. Courthouse, the media and onlookers straining for a glimpse at the entrepreneur who has been called Chicago’s Howard Hughes. His eyes darted behind rose-colored lenses set in tortoise frames. His hands fumbled with a set of headphones provided to help him better hear the arguments on which rested the potential for an even more unthinkable indignity: prison. A few months earlier, in federal criminal court, Warner had wept as he pleaded guilty to that most clichéd of rich-people crimes: stashing millions (by the time he was caught, more than $100 million) in a Swiss bank account and lying about it to the Internal Revenue Service.

Yet, with no choice left him, there he stood, like a circus curiosity on full display, in the harsh fluorescence of a packed 23rd-floor courtroom in the Everett M. “He looks like he should be in a wax museum,” someone whispered. “This is a crime committed not out of necessity, but greed,” argued federal prosecutors in a sentencing memo to the judge.

A backlit glass waterfall feature and aquarium create visual interest in the living room.

The master suite, one of six bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms, has sliding glass doors that lead to the backyard.

Three-time Super Bowl champion Ty Law is ready to play ball for his home in Plantation, Fla.

The retired defensive back has chipped the price on the 5,500-square-foot home in a gated community to .198 million, down from .245 million earlier this year.

We spoke to the Bachelorette Season 6 contestant at a casting event in NYC on Saturday, January 29. Ty: Dude, I actually am dating a girl, Rachel Bradshaw. We met actually on a double-date, so everything’s going good.

He revealed the crazy nicknames Terry Bradshaw has for him and told us how many months it will be before we see an Ali and Roberto wedding. I’m happy right now.: Did you feel a connection with Ali? To this day, I love Ali to death, and I wish her the best.

and officers determined he showed signs of intoxication ...

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