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I wasn't nervous, but he made me second-guess myself and got in my head.

smell.dating Smell Dating is the world’s first smell based dating service.

Made in collaboration with Sam Lavigne, it is a participatory project that invites people to find new connections using only their noses.

We've broken down the very best options, based on what date you're on.

On a first date, it's vital to have available distractions should the banter come to an agonizing halt.

From Alyssa's perspective, their date wasn't too bad.

Sure, she didn't feel a spark with Billy and wouldn't be interested in a second date, but she found him interesting and could see them being friends.tells both sides of that story in their series "The Undateables," which chronicles dates of two New Yorkers who deem themselves "undateable" and are thereby set up to date each other to find out if the ideas they hold about themselves are true.In a recent installment of the series, we see a 24-year-old woman who works in video and Billy, a 24-year-old actor, go on a date to a steakhouse. The story was screenshotted by prolific Twitter user Maya Kosoff (@mekosoff), and it seems at least the guy in the situation was right about his less-than-ideal "dateability," as basically all of Twitter is chiming in to roast him.I’m just a woman who dislikes scraggly, scruff-gone-wild and isn’t afraid to say it. My “Why She’s Single” makes that blatantly, shamelessly obvious. Who sometimes says the word “aura” because she’s from San Francisco and laughs at herself for it. Who believes no one should ever, tell a story about recently peeing their pants on a first date. On a first date HE KNEW WAS GOING TO BE WRITTEN UP IN A MAGAZINE!! I told you I liked storytelling, you knew I was a blogger, how could you possibly expect me to resist sharing an awkward moment of that caliber? If that makes me a bitch, well, I have no choice but to accept the moniker. Truly, I can not imaging putting myself through this kind of thing if I didn’t have some self-promotion motive. And the good news is, no matter what neighborhood you're in, there's bound to be a great one nearby.

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