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But what if the secrets the business relies on - the names and contact details of clients who have used the site to arrange affairs, intimate sexual fantasies they thought would be forever hidden and even nude photos - were suddenly out in the open?

Around 200,000 very nervous Australians face this prospect after hackers believed to have insider knowledge of the business accessed databases holding the site's client details and is threatening the release them publicly.

So, along with the many stumbling blocks of education and medicine, and other errors related to commerce, this particular vendor had to record the original order as a loss and make and send an item that actually conformed to what the customer had originally specified.

Such errors would be greatly reduced if orders were written in “mm” for the measures rather than in the easily mistaken (“) and (‘) units.Find a hundred of personals and learn some tips to enjoy your date. Alternative Sex Personals will introduce you into the worldwide dating services, also we offer a hundred of alternative personals ads to make your own date, besides read and learn some tips and articles for a successful date.Date: 04/10/2006, Fifty free online personals E-Mail the Webmaster.An online application form on required potential contestants to list how many sexual partners they have had, and whether they were male or female.But on Saturday, TV Tonight dismissed the claims, understanding that the casting notice was simply 'an open call' to 'cover all bases'.Thus, the order could have been written: “19.05 mm x 19.05 mm x 152.4 mm.” A lot less ambiguous.

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