Teaching relative dating

English Level: Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate Language Focus: An introduction to relative clauses/adjective clauses that use subject and object relative pronouns.Worksheet Download: (scroll down to study the exercises online)Jump to: Subject Relative Pronouns, Object Relative Pronouns, Final Exercises Let’s practice.

Change the second sentence into an adjective clause.

Unless you're an executive for an oil, gas or construction company, or a professional at a large legal or accounting firm, getting a chance to work in Russia can be near impossible.

The questions you should ask yourself are, "How much do I really know about teaching?

" and "How much do I really know about the English language?

However, if you lack the access to fully-funded relocation and a large income with expense account, there is still a way to work here. Teaching English as a second or other language (TESOL), also known as TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), is well-known for its travelling advantages.

It's a massive worldwide industry, and there are numerous employment websites and even more places to obtain certification (see references below). The first is that you need a recognized TEFL qualification.

In this activity, students begin a sequencing activity with familiar items — letters written on cards.

Once they are able to manipulate the cards into the correct sequence, they are asked to do a similar sequencing activity using fossil pictures printed on "rock layer" cards.

, are often used in the New Testament, especially in the Pastoral Epistles.

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