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Specifically, two high-resolution pollen sequences located in both extremes of the Cantabrian region were analysed to discuss the beech forest dynamics during the last four millennia. BP in NW Iberia and the causes of its spatial and temporal patterns, previous palaeoecological studies having shown that between the Upper Pleistocene and the recent Holocene from the Last Glaciation to the present.Im Gegensatz zu anderen GSSPs, die in marinen oder terrestrischen Sedimentabfolgen liegen, dient in diesem Fall der Eisbohrkern des North Greenland Ice Core Project (NGRIP) als Referenzprofil.

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These sea-level jumps can be related to an abrupt cooling in the Northern Hemisphere known as the 8.2 kyr event, and it has been suggested that the freshwater release from Lake Agassiz into the North Atlantic was sufficient to perturb the North Atlantic meridional overturning circulation.

As sea-level rise on the order of decimetres to metres can now be detected with confidence and linked to climate records, it is becoming apparent that abrupt climate change during the early Holocene associated with perturbations in North Atlantic circulation required sustained freshwater release into the ocean.

This period, between about 12,000 and 7,000 years ago, was marked by the continued retreat of the ice sheets that had expanded through polar and temperate regions during the preceding glacial.

This meltdown led to a dramatic rise in sea level, punctuated by short-lived jumps associated with catastrophic ice-sheet collapses.

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Der GSSP Pleistozän/Holozän ist ein stratigraphisches Referenzprofil, das die Grenze zwischen dem Pleistozän und dem Holozän festlegt.

Hughen, Peter Kershaw, Bernd Kromer, Thomas Litt, David J. Newnham and Jakob Schwander The Greenland ice core from North GRIP (NGRIP) contains a proxy climate record across the Pleistocene– Holocene boundary of unprecedented clarity and resolution.

A timescale based on multi-parameter annual layer counting provides an age of 11,700 yr b2k (before AD2000) for the base of the Holocene, with an estimated 2s uncertainty of 99 yr.

Datierungen ergaben, dass der Bohrkern die letzten 123000 Jahre BP dokumentiert und somit bis ins letzte Interglazial (Eemium) zurückreicht.

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