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He has since published about his changed perspective about that time, explaining that pick up artistry didn't help him attain his real goal of attaining a girlfriend.

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“I asked him about Steph (Curry) and Klay (Thompson) and Draymond (Green) and the type of people they are day to day,” Durant said of the talk with Nash.

“Obviously I didn’t know much about that, how they approached their jobs, how they approach working.

“And he had great things to say, just like everybody else I asked.

I trust his judgment.” I asked Durant: Was this right when you’re making your final decision?

One of the best-known illustrations is the prisoner’s dilemma: two criminals in separate prison cells face the same offer from the public prosecutor.

If they both confess to a bloody murder, they each face three months in jail.

Newly acquired Los Angeles Lakers guard Steve Nash poses at center court for team photographer Andrew Bernstein after a news conference at the NBA basketball team's headquarters in El Segundo, Calif., on July 11, 2012.

From left, the Suns Gorilla, Ginger Brandt (wife of APS Chairman and CEO Don Brandt) and Phoenix Suns guard Steve Nash pose for a photo as APS's Solar Man watches at the dedication ceremony for the APS Suns Powered Solar Structure on the fifth floor of the US Airways Center parking garage in Phoenix on Monday, March 5, 2012.

In a Nash equilibrium, every person in a group makes the best decision for himself, based on what he thinks the others will do. In this supermarket any man and woman who pair up get 0 to split between them.

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