Steam tf2 validating problem

Should this happen, GCFScape would become unstable and likely crash.

steam tf2 validating problem-38

Map the entire file to memory (instead of pieces of it as needed). Can speed things up if you have sufficient free memory.

Some operating systems have problems with file mapping (in particular Windows 98) and may produce errors; disable this option in such cases. By default, Steam loads files in read/write mode and is liable to change their contents at any time (as updates occur).

This is a continuation of #4752, which the NTFS issue was accidentally combined with an ext4 issue.

Symptoms: Larger updates from games like Dota-2 and CS: GO fail to update when installed to an NTFS partition since the 2016-12-12 steam client update.

So, when I want to play TF2, it comes up with a window saying that "Steam if validating files".

EVERY SINGLE TIME, I have to wait for 10 minutes to download it and play TF2.

I had this same issue on Ubuntu 16.04 on my NTFS partition, but not ext4.

I found a work around posted on a previous issue #596 by updating fstab with the following information when mounting (defaults,exec,uid=1000,gid=1000).

v=0ZGSc KWk Pxg or download the Steamcmd from: you have downloaded this, run the tool from a command shell and a text windowed installer will automatically update/install your server.

To save time and bandwidth when downloading files, it is wise to install the Steamcmd into the root folder of an existing Half-Life Dedicated Server installation.

File mapping is an efficient method of random file access.

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