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Transactional replication enables changes made at a Subscriber to be propagated back to the Publisher using either immediate or queued updating subscriptions.

This topic describes the deprecated Replication features that are still available in SQL Server 2012.

These features are scheduled to be removed in a future release of SQL Server.

This example creates an immediate updating pull subscription to a publication that supports immediate updating subscriptions. For information about how to use scripting variables -- on the command line and in SQL Server Management Studio, see the -- "Executing Replication Scripts" section in the topic -- "Programming Replication Using System Stored Procedures". DECLARE @publication AS sysname; DECLARE @publication DB AS sysname; DECLARE @publisher AS sysname; DECLARE @login AS sysname; DECLARE @password AS nvarchar(512); SET @publication = N'Adv Works Product Tran'; SET @publication DB = N'Adventure Works2008R2'; SET @publisher = $(Pub Server); SET @login = $(Login); SET @password = $(Password); -- At the subscription database, create a pull subscription to a transactional -- publication using immediate updating with queued updating as a failover.

Login and password values are supplied at runtime using sqlcmd scripting variables. EXEC sp_addpullsubscription @publisher = @publisher, @publication = @publication, @publisher_db = @publication DB, @update_mode = N'failover', @subscription_type = N'pull'; -- Add an agent job to synchronize the pull subscription, -- which uses Windows Authentication when connecting to the Distributor.

If immediate updating is used, the changes are propagated immediately using the two-phase commit protocol.

If queued updating is used, the changes are stored in a queue; the queued transactions are then applied asynchronously at the Publisher whenever network connectivity is available.We recommend that you use peer-to-peer transactional replication instead.However, I just can't find the replication type Transactional publication with updatable subscriptions on the publication type page in SQL Server 2012, see the image below: Anyone can confirm, whether we have this feature in SQL Server 2012? If the old GUID stored in the transaction does not match the GUID in the publication, a conflict is detected.When data is updated at a Subscriber, it is first propagated to the Publisher and then propagated to other Subscribers.A transaction in a queue maintains the old and new row version values.

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