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Eight different venues—including TNA's main home; Florida's Impact!Zone, and arenas set in Japan, Mexico, England, Las Vegas, and locations designed to evoke the independent circuit feel—are available to house matches, with the Impact!You can even take the fight outside the ring, and perform suicide dives with certain wrestlers.

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The latest, WWE 2K14, is out today (read our review from yesterday), and even though it’s essentially the same game as last year, its broad historical focus makes it one of the better wrestling games in recent memory. WCW Wrestling Nichibitsu / FCI Inc Nintendo Entertainment System 1990 A guilty pleasure for fans of the NWA, 1990’s WCW Wrestling features both the best real-life roster of any NES-era wrestling game and the only customizable move-set of the era.

It prompted us to consider the history of not just the sport but of the wrestling game genre itself, which of course turned into a gentlemanly debate over how we’d rank the contenders for the title of the best wrestling game ever made. Sure, that last option is incredibly limited, and technical glitches can make this one a little too frustrating to play at times, but the opportunity to play as Ric Flair, Sting or “Dr.

Titled Pro Wrestling in its native Japan, it was released internationally as HAL Wrestling.

The series became popular in Japan, but did not see an international release until after Spike took over the franchise in 2000.

Death” Steve Williams was monumentally exciting to young fans who preferred the Southern-style wrestling on TBS to the lumbering bodybuilders of the WWF. Pro Wrestling Nintendo Nintendo Entertainment System 1986 The enduring popularity of Nintendo’s Pro Wrestling isn’t due simply to nostalgia.

It features the basics you’d expect from a wrestling game: an exotic cast of characters with distinct moves spread equally between striking and grappling, with Irish whips and top rope moves for higher impact.

In 1904, Olympic officials added freestyle wrestling, commonly known as "catch as catch can", to the programme.

This style had far less history and tradition than Greco-Roman but did possess great popularity, having developed into a form of professional entertainment performed at fairs and festivals across Great Britain and the United States.

So, now that you know it’s coming, will you be pre-ordering a copy of EA Sports UFC 3?

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