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"From the moment I wake to the moment I sleep / I'll be there by your side / Just you try and stop me, I'll be waiting in line / Just to see if you can / Oh, did you want me to change?

You will never have more fun falling in love with someone.

You've already fallen in love with each other as friends,m and it was hilariously easy and happened without you even trying. So actually falling in love with them as a best friend is mostly worry-free intimacy, high fives, and legit great sex.10.

Even now, directors and scriptwriters are finding new ways to deal with this theme and subject.

The second film by new director Ayan Mukherjee was one of the biggest hits of the year, because of the acting, the direction, the music, and of course, the subject of the film.

Having a crush on someone can be a beautiful thing, but telling that person exactly how you feel instead of admiring from afar? Expressing your love for someone in words is a gift that, let’s face it, we’re not all blessed to have.

Flip through our list of songs that’ll be sure to help you open up to your crush.

Time and again, one of the most elaborately depicted tropes in Bollywood mainstream cinema has been how people transition from being friends to lovers.

In fact, there are loads of movies that have become all-time blockbusters because of this very theme.

You don't have to worry about what his friends think of you, and vice versa. So when you tell them you're dating, they are, if it's possible, even more psyched than you or your friends combined. You know, just , that he will never ever give up on you.

Especially because they have all been waiting for you to fall stupidly in love with each other for yeeeears now and are psyched you finally did it already. If things get hard or messy or weird, you already know he's going to be in your life forever.

She had talked to friends about “horrible things to do to him,” her friends reported later, but none of them ever thought she would do anything.

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