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Accounts of the time show that many of these seamen only planned to stay in London long enough to make some money before returning to their families.

In Somalia, they were nicknamed "The Fortune Men" because they promised to bring wealth back home.

The name "Somali" comes from a word meaning "milk the animal" and relates to the peoples’ nomadic farming tradition.

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This first group was followed by a continuous trickle, many of whom came over as merchant seamen.

They tended to settle in cities with ports, including Cardiff, Liverpool and London, where they put down roots in Tower Hamlets.

We are friends almost a year we were talking about marriage before but she said her family would never say okay.

I'm a white guy i converted to islam i'd like to marry a somali girl.

I really feel sorry for them."Others are risking the wrath of the militants, such is their love of the beautiful game.

One man, who lives in the militant-controlled livestock market area of the city said he watched Algeria-Slovenia at home with his family."I have one eye on the TV and the other on the door, and the sound turned down," he said.

I guess that's why accept them more down there but in shaa Allah if his good and respectful I don't see why they won't accept him no matter what his color is.

If you guys are serious get in touch with her wali asap.

The Somali community made their prescence known in the capital as early as the 19th century.

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