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Namely, I intended to pre-empt any reaction that I’m an unattractive, shitty personality’d brat who’s bitter because she never gets asked out, and who prefers to blame the rest of the world rather than recognize her own part in her destiny.

[In fact, I am passably attractive and reasonably personality’d, and I get asked out far more than I think my own desirability justifies.] But then I had drinks with a good guy friend and realized that I need to acknowledge a much more cutting and depressing possibility for why the social scene here is what is it.

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You’re not sure if you’re dating or hosting Shark Tank.

Every time you go on a date you have to listen to someone’s elevator pitch about their next startup.

We’re the ones parents and teachers tapped as “high potential” when we were 12, at which point we were given permission to focus all our attention on ourselves.

While the geeks were developing their computer programming skills, we were becoming experts on the art of self-perfecting.

After the last three visits of bringing two sets of chopsticks for your takeout and you weeping that you only need one, all delivery services have put in their notes to deliver just one set of silverware to your apartment door.

The basement-turned tiki bar in the Fairmont hotel is a great celebration spot for the single girl’s last hurrah.

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We collected accomplishments for broad-if-not-deep resumes and prepared ourselves for roles as future leaders of America. It’s partly because we can’t go back home – our peers from New York and London are starting to migrate back that way, but the places we come from don’t afford the opportunities we’ve been bred to pursue. Have you heard of any interesting opportunities lately?

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