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If someone from the opposite sex is bold enough to dare and put him/herself inside the circle, bad impressions and thoughts about him/her will be all around their heads. why, hmmm, there must be something hidden, I don't trust this person, what does he/she thinks of me to ask for my number or to go to a concert!

)We claim at one point....we care about the core of the person, we care not about money and look...well, core my ass...of us (boys and girls), gives a rat's ass about the core when this person is presented as a possible's all about the look and the money after all.

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Both genders complain, both pretend to be good whilst the other gender is full of contradiction and complexes.

Most of both genders claim many thing but they are nothing but hypocrites!

'They are schoolchildren,' she says.'It is difficult to find a how do you say, a Mr Right? As if finding a boyfriend wasn't hard enough, a festering sectarianism has made Syria's different religions and ethnicities more loathe to marry outside their own kind.

Left behind: Children hold up letters spelling the word 'Peace' during a day of activities and prayers at the Zaitoune historic church in old Damascus.

Countless young Syrian men, as a consequence, have been disappointed in love.

A taxi driver in Damascus – moonlighting from his university studies – explained that his own chance at marriage fell apart because of a dispute over the quality of the gold he bought his fiancé.'There was a problem about money.

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They all keep saying so, but at the same time, they act exactly the opposite.

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