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The truth is that these terms confine Kurdish women into two different worlds: the traditional world of our mothers that we often joke about, “the proper Kurdish girl” and the modern world of educated girls.

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Numbering over 22 million, the Kurds are one of the largest non-state nations in the world.

Their homeland, Kurdistan, has been forcibly divided and lies mostly within the present-day borders of Turkey, Iraq and Iran, with smaller parts in Syria, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

I personally hate these two words, because “modernism” treats the past as primitive and “traditionalism” leaves no room for change.

Kurdish girls constantly face the stereotype that educated women are too modern and have lost their traditional ways.

It’s difficult to make Kurdish friends, though when you do the bond lasts.

As a female outsider, you have many things working against you; you don’t have a family to vouch for your good character, you don’t have a man (father, brother, and/or husband) to protect you, you don’t speak the language well, and you are largely ignorant of the culture.

You will never go hungry or sleep on the streets in Kurdistan.

At the beginning of the Syrian conflict, Kurds set up camps for the incoming refugees.

According to the English Orientalist Godfrey Rolles Driver, the term Kurd is related to the Sumerian Karda which was found from Sumerian clay tablets of the third millennium B.

C, while according to other scholars, it predates the Islamic period, as a Middle Persian word for "nomad", and may ultimately be derived from an ancient toponym or tribal name, either that of the Cyrtii or of Corduene.

Does obtaining an education mean we are neglecting our traditional roles?

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