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Every player who completes three matches by the midway point of any round is sent a FREE can of tennis balls!Plus there are great offers all the time in our shop. New players will need to complete the player questionnaire before they can join a round.

Driving this confidence is Sophie’s excellent relationship with the Queen.

It was also notable during their public appearance at the weekend how Sophie was never far from the side of her mother-in-law, who has recently recovered from a bout of illness.

If there is anything else you need help with get in contact with Nigel, Sally and the team who will be happy to help! The results listed here include the current and previous rounds for Woking.

Scoring Information: You earn one point for every set you win.

Normally content to blend into the background, Sophie’s figure-hugging pencil skirt and peacock-feather hat drew gasps of admiration.

It was not only the style but the vivid electric blue colour which grabbed attention.

The first World War II bomb damage occurred 70 years ago.

The number of people with personal experience of these events declines by the day. Contemporary accounts in local newspapers often lack detail because of wartime censorship.

We have an eclectic music taste thanks to Thursday Metal nights at the Black Sheep (RIP)5.

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