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He is most widely recognized for his starring roles in the films "Powder" and "The Boondock Saints", and for his portrayal of Indiana Jones in "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles".

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Eat My Words is not your typical bakery; not only are the treats super yummy (this girl right here had 3 cupcakes – don’t judge me! I don’t really know that many brands but my favourite place to shop is Advice From a Caterpillar in Toronto. Lola, what’s your favourite thing to do with your friends during the summer?

) but all of the proceeds from the sale of their bake goods go to The Stephen Lewis Foundation which provides HIV / AIDS counseling, education and prevention in Africa. Without further ado, meet our first mother and daughter Women of Style, Sacha & Lola. What I’m most excited about this summer is playing with my friends at my Uncle Nico’s house in Tuscany, especially because he just got a peacock !!!

He's a German actor, and he played Albert Schweitzer.

It's one of those things where…there are so few opportunities to do something that you're proud of, that stands the test of time, where you look at it 10 years later and go, "Damn! Those years shooting ‘Young Indy' far surpassed any university lesson." BE: I said in my review of the first set that it needs to be a staple of libraries across the country. BE: Not that you ever had any scenes with him, but do you think that George Hall got the shaft with these DVD releases? It's…he was certainly a wonderful guy, and I enjoyed him on the show. BE: Is that one that you regularly have fans bring up? Nobody really…I mean, when people find out that that's also on my list of things I've done, they're surprised. Plenty of people are fans of the film, but nobody really associates me with the film. BE: Well, you're not readily recognizable, I guess. I mean, people that are really fans of mine, they know my resume, but most people have no idea. You're lucky if you get one movie role like that, and that certainly was a great role. BE: Would you have ever imagined the producers and writers of "The Dead Zone" could've done as much with the character of Greg Stillson as they did, and for as ) No, actually, because Lloyd Segan called…we did "Boondock Saints" together…and said, "Hey, man, I want you to come up to Vancouver and shoot this role.

Some of his film credits include, "Frank & Jesse", "The Grass Harp", "Suicide Kings", "Simply Irresistible", "Demon Hunter", "Saw 3D", and "Phantom".

His television credits include, "Guinevere", "Stargate SG-1", "Charmed", "Into the Fire", "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation", "Numb3rs", and "The Young and the Restless".

He relocated to Los Angeles to focus on his acting career full-time, and began working professionally in the late 80s.

Since then, he has worked steadily in both film and television projects.

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Sacha: age 39 Lola: age 8 Occupation: Sacha co-owner of Eat My Words, Lola student Current city: Toronto website: @eatmywordsorg Instagram: @sachagrierson & @eatmywordsorg Sacha, where did you grow up?

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