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According to reports, the two became close to each other as friends before finally turning into lovers.

In fact, there had been several sightings of the Korean couple prior to the confirmation of their relationship.

What's amazing is that Lee Da Hae and Se7en are not just dating they've been dating for over a year before the news broke.

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10 Things Celebrity Couples Who Never Should Have Broken Up Rumors first broke when various sources claimed to have seen the two celebrities flying out to South East Asia multiple times together.

Fans started digging into the stars’ SNS channels to find any evidence that the rumors were true. SE7EN and Lee Da Hae uploaded similar photos and were caught at the airport on the same day.

Before getting into more details I would like to congratulate both and wish them happiness ❤ I’m not a person who like to follow artists private/love life but you know that when it comes to our girl I can’t help but care about every detail 🙂 According to the report, Se7en and Da-hae have become lovers from old friends and that the two avoided the public eye by having dates inside their cars within Korea but often enjoyed dates outside of Korea.

An insider stated, “The two have been close friends for a long time.

But still, how can popular celebrity couples date without grabbing the attention of the public?

Well, Se7en shared exactly just that during his guesting on the had been friends with the 31-year old singer for a long time before they started dating.This close friendship soon blossomed into romance which was only known by a few of their peers at the time.Another report by Dispatch followed which featured photographic evidences of the two celebrities together in Thailand.Se7en and Lee Da Hae have confirmed that they are dating.In the midst of dating rumors between artist Se7en and actress Lee Da Hae, their agencies ELEVEN9 Entertainment and JS Pictures have confirmed the rumors through press releases.The news first broke out in a report by Sports Chosun.

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