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I have two small kids so for anybody who comes into my life, it's a big life and there's a lot going on.

It’s been seven long years since Sarah Mc Lachlan released Afterglow, her last full-length studio album of original material and 11 years since Lilith Fair closed up shop.

But intelligence gleamed from behind her iridescent green-lined eyes.

In the context of pop-culture misogyny, Lilith became a bit of a punch line.

(Insert hilarious armpit-hair joke here.) But when it comes up in conversation now, especially when I'm talking to women who grew up in the '90s, everyone goes starry-eyed.

The singer opens up about her breakup from ex-husband Ashwin Sood.

Back in the '90s, Sarah Mc Lachlan's emotional ballads were on the post-breakup song playlists of women, everywhere.

His mother had given it to his cousin as a gift and an envious Vij wanted it. Dressing in his mom’s clothing wasn’t about gender identity so much as his innate desire to act.

“Performing, even more than food, was my first love.

I’d don her pink sari and feather boas and stick a red bindi between my eyes.

I would deftly apply lipstick and line my eyes with kohl, my arms with thin bangles and jangle around the house pretending to be a woman.” Shooting his cousin with a pellet gun, he says, is without question, the ugliest thing he has ever done.

But all that is changing this summer as both Mc Lachlan and Lilith Fair mark their triumphant return. I wasn’t a prolific writer by any stretch of the imagination before that and having children really slows down the process because, well, they’re the most exquisite distraction there is.

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