Salma hayek dating life

“But don’t get it because his French accent is still very strong, so ELSA doesn’t work,” Hayek concluded.

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Sparks fly and cultures collide in this romantic comedy about a casual night of passion that turns into the love of a lifetime.

Alex Whitman is a New Yorker sent to Las Vegas to oversee a construction project.

If you’re a male of a certain age watching “Big Little Lies,” HBO’s smart new drama about wealthy, dysfunctional couples living on the California coast, you may feel like you’re in a 1990s-era time-warp.

(And no, not because the show’s written by David E.

“So I was so furious and I said well obviously she’s desperate, he’s not calling her you know, should I say something? “Four hours later, we’re eating, I’m cool, I go hi, baby and everything is okay and then I go, who the hell is Elena!

” Despite her husband saying he had no idea who the woman was, Hayek continued to take him to task, saying: “You tell that Elena that I speak English and you can practice your English with me because she sent you a message.” After some time, the couple finally came to the realisation that the text came from a language app he had downloaded called ELSA.

(White also starred in it.) It played here in 2000, and though other films grabbed bigger headlines, it was enough of a landmark that White and Arteta recognized what they’d brought out in each other and decided to team up again.

Two years later, they were back with “The Good Girl,” a solid but much safer comedy (it starred Jennifer Aniston).

That sounds like a black-comic Mike White jape, but Beatriz is not a character with a sense of humor, and the movie never laughs at her.

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