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"I just know it when I feel it." WATCH: Paula Patton Says She's ' Becoming an Adult' After Split from Robin Thicke Thicke certainly has moved on in his love life.In December, the 38-year-old singer and his 20-something girlfriend, April Love Geary, heated up Saint Barthélemy, France with their public displays of affection.

Additionally, the widow feels Alan's sons are dishonoring the late star with this pot farm. We can only imagine how the two will respond to her, especially as they've painted her to be a gold digger.

What do U think about all this messy family drama?? As we previously reported, Alan Thicke's widow has been labeled a gold digger thanks to the recent court filing made by her stepsons, Brennan and Robin Thicke.

), where she opened up about her desire not to be put in a box because "you're supposed to change all the time." Related: The Thirst For Liam Hemsworth Is Still VERY Real As for the unicorn-horn-and-a-prosthetic-penis-wearing Miley from not that long ago, Liam Hemsworth's bride-to-be admitted: "I feel really kind of far away from that person. It's just myself has been a lot of different people because I change a lot." It's Robin Thicke and Brennan Thicke vs. In case you haven't been keeping up, two of Alan Thicke's sons are going up against the late actor's widow over his large estate.

I just want people to see that this is who I am right now. In fact, they even filed legal docs claiming she was threatening to go to tabloids and create bad press. Tanya claims the singer and his brother are putting up such a fight because she won't let them have a pot farm on their dad's Santa Barbara ranch!! Related: Things Are Getting Even Worse For Steve Harvey!

Although Miz Callau's lawyer has already clapped back at the Thicke boys' allegations, the Bolivian-born actress is addressing this issue herself in the press.

Related: Chris Cornell's Death Being Investigated As Possible Suicide While speaking with celeb passed away suddenly in December after suffering from an aortic dissection. Related: Aaron Hernandez's Fiancée Has Doubts About His Suicide While Thicke's friends and family came together for his funeral and memorial service, it appears as though Alan's eldest sons and widow are now feuding over the Canadian-born performer's assets.

I am hoping to feel that way soon." Confessing to being a "next level romantic," the actress says she believes there is a "perfect match" for every person.

"It is when people check out, turn off their hearts and become cold," she explained.

Then, for the next 3 years I struggled with believing in myself and had some problems and started drinking. Now she’s doing love scenes, and I have a failed album… Luckily, after 10 years of that, I’m like, ‘Oh heck!

Go have a good time, see you when you get home.’”“My kid, he looks like you and the cutest thing about my little kid is that he keeps looking in the mirror and saying ‘My hair is getting darker Daddy.

It’s getting darker,’ and I’m like ‘Why do you want your hair to be dark?

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