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Her incredible, insatiable lifestyle is laid bare below but what also struck me is her close bond she has with her Husband. Rachel: I have my ears pierced, I have 1 tattoo on my left thigh of 3 dolphins and I have a celtic symbol tattoo in the small of my back at the bottom of my spine which was designed by myself. Rachel: Gorgeous infectious bubbly blonde, easy going, spontaneous, outrageous, intelligent, sexy and darn right sassy. Rachel: I’m a graphic web designer – so yes I designed all my own websites as well as other girls sites.

It shows with the right partnership the extremes you can go to in this lifestyle. So any ladies out there looking for their own site give me a shout. Rachel: I met my gorgeous husband through work, during a meeting. Rachel: We have been married for 5 fabulous fun filled years.

"About five years old I was drawing self-portraits with the brown crayon instead of the peach crayon and, you know, the black curly hair," she said on NBC's Today Show.

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hotwifeblog: How did you get into the hotwife lifestyle?

Rachel: I guess I’ve always been a hotwife, and the lifestyle has adapted to me without me even thinking about it.

Or perhaps more accurately #WHAAABOOOOM (that's three A's, four O's). It was pretty clear from his ridiculous intro video that he's just on the show for comedy purposes, and then he said one of his testicles was larger than the other and confirmed it.

Lucas' occupation is listed in his bio as "Whaboom," and as Chris Harrison explained when introducing Lucas last week, "It's a lifestyle. In fact, I don't think there's ever been a contestant on the show so transparently Not Here For the Right Reasons.

My personal favorite for a physical store for TG products is Glamour Boutique.

The online part is called “TG Fashions” and the link is above. S.) store many times and John (the owner) is friendly and a great help! She ingeniously finds out that Mike Ross was still somewhat in love with Rachel, and tells Mike he can't have them both.introduced us to one of the most colorful characters to ever appear on the dating competition: Lucas Yancey, or as he shall henceforth forever be known, Whaboom. Every time he shook his face to gather power before exploding into a "WHABOOM! He showed up carrying a megaphone, which he didn't need, since he's louder than the ambulance that that one guy rolled up in.In the season 5 episode "Uninvited Guests" it is implied that she is married now, none other than to Trevor, and that she doesn't want her or Trevor to interact with Mike ever again.Jenny is introduced in the pilot as Trevor's girlfriend.This hiding nature of Sue brought her questions about her sexual orientation and rumors of her being lesbian.

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