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This inspired us to create a series of posts outlining common gay slang.Our Gay Slang 101 focuses on terms for body types and since we’re talking men here, many terms listed here take their inspiration from the animal kingdom.

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If your journey from the closet hasn’t been a long one, start your education here.

Keep in mind you don’t need to define yourself as one of the following body types to have a fulfilling gay relationship.

Holidays TV, Rabbit, Gay Rabbit and 1-2-1 Dating were found on Freeview channels 201-204 via the SDN/COM4 digital multiplex and available to around 90% of UK homes.

Last week, Hot Rabbit hosted Bad Habit Gay Prom, a 21 LGBTQ dance prom event for those of us who never got to experience prom, had a terrible prom, or just wanted to relive prom as a grown ass adult.

This being said, if you’re floating around on your favorite dating site (All Male for example) then you’ll know exactly what these terms mean.

An Otter is a really hairy guy but is relatively thin.The original Tinky Winky, Dave Thompson, left after the first run of episodes due to "creative differences". Tinky Winky's handbag, along with his purple colouring and triangle-shaped antenna, caused controversy in America, where figures including the Reverend Jerry Falwell interpreted his character as promoting homosexuality and/or unconventional gender roles. Tinky Winky's handbag (bigger on the inside than on the outside) allowed him to demonstrate volume, while Dipsy's hat enabled role-playing.It has been claimed that the production company, Ragdoll, felt he was "misinterpreting" the role by implying Tinky Winky was gay. Laa-Laa's ball was intended to "reflect young children's fascination with spheres", while Po's scooter explored travel and direction. It was difficult for the Teletubbies actors to escape their famous roles.Class is in session and we hope you’re ready to learn!You might have heard a variety of strange terms being thrown around in the gay community before and wondered what the fuck they mean.He may be hairy because he’s an artist who is too lazy to care or he’s trying to achieve hipster status.

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