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Non-commercial rejection lines are permitted, but please, make sure they are funny and not just mean.

Abuse in a dating relationship can take many forms and can include a variety of behaviors: Emotional Abuse: Name-calling, put downs, not respecting your decisions.

Shreveport is a town in the sweaty southern state of Louisiana.

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Obsessive amounts of texts, calls, or contact in person or online Threats: Saying they will hurt you, others, or themselves (suicide) if the relationship ends.

Threatens future relationships and/or personal safety Physical Abuse: Physical abuse in violent dating relationships is most often inflicted in places that others cannot see it – such as on the upper arms, back, and thighs.

(And for the record, while the project focuses on men as the primary aggressors, women, too, are sometimes culpable too.) Don’t think women should be afraid of dolling out rejection?

Well, in May this year a woman in eastern China was killed by four men in a cult for not giving them her phone number. Though, I would be curious to know what type of messages the callers would leave?

It's what you get if that back-and-forth messaging actually leads somewhere.

In Hotline's newly launched service, however, it's not just prominent... The mobile app requires that you have a 5-minute voice call with your prospective partner (thankfully, without using your phone number) before you can message them.

When they call the next day, they will get a quote from bell Hooks herself like, “Sometimes people try to destroy you, precisely because they recognize your power — not because they don’t see it, but because they see it and they don’t want it to exist.

This quote is brought to you by bell hooks.” If they try to call or text you immediately so you have their number, there’s no safety net in this case.

As the name would suggest there are tons of crawfish here, which is a cajun specialty.

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