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9 p.m.: Katy Perry clutches Derek Blasberg's arm as they both pose for the paparazzi. But instead of saying it, I am going to demonstrate it by transforming into a dog,” says Patricia Clarkson. Orlando, freed by this revelation, Instagrams a photo of his new love.

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(“I hate how bad 11-year-olds are at acting,” she'd said once, idly, during a midnight viewing party for held to celebrate Jonathan Safran Foer's birthday.) Finally, out of desperation, he'd dyed his hair brown again and traveled to Niger with UNICEF, performative humanitarianism being one of Katy's few weaknesses. Now, here he is, brunette and alone and afraid on the red carpet. 10 p.m.: Orlando hides behind a white hydrangea, watching Katy chat animatedly with James Corden, both occasionally breaking into unprompted renditions of “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” A waiter walks by with a tray of In-N-Out burgers. ” he screams, despite himself, from behind the hydrangea. He sees her register his presence, then coolly face James Corden. “I'm an intergalactic detective sent here to help you.” Orlando nods, familiar with the concept thanks to his work on , which originally had an intergalactic detective scene that was cut for time. I've been following you both for over a year and my conclusion is that this relationship isn't working.” Orlando nods. Katy is referring to both of them as Orlando, and Allison is the only one responding. “Patricia told me you'd say that,” she says, her pose rigid. I, alternatively, am not.” “I agree,” says Orlando, automatically. Jessica Alba glides by with her husband, Cash Warren, in search of the photo booths.

Katy hadn't spoken to him since, even though he'd frantically texted and called her and even traveled all the way to England to teach 11-year-olds how to act, at her subtle urging. Across the party, Orlando watches Katy pluck a handful of truffle popcorn from Dev Patel's bag. “I love you, Orlando,” she says, chomping on the seeds. “Orlando, we don't have much time,” says Patricia Clarkson. She's sitting on a couch now with Tom Ford and Allison Williams. Orlando, sensing he will never again get close enough to Katy to tell her the truth, puts his face next to her ear. “We have to end it.” Katy nods, continuing to smile for the photographer who's no longer there.

The moment I saw myself, I knew that I had transcended to a new plane, a plane where I was able to critique the suburban experience and the American dream from within. “Orlando,” says Patricia Clarkson, “do not get attached.

Orlando reaches for one, and the waiter slaps his hand away. Katy bends over, and Orlando sees that the top of her dress — a shimmery Jean Paul Gaultier number with a strategically placed mesh insert — is separating from the bottom half. “Orlando, some insane man is yelling at me from behind a hydrangea,” she says to James Corden. Patricia Clarkson puts her hands on Orlando's face. “It's time for you and Katy to break up.” Orlando gasps, then almost dies, because there's no oxygen in space. “The truth is, I stopped loving you the moment I dyed my hair blonde. 9 a.m.: Orlando Bloom rolls over and smiles at Patricia Clarkson.

I took off my bathing suit for you and pretended to be a gondolier. Katy had walked over to the table and dunked her face deep into the owl cake, refusing to come up for air until Orlando's own mother dragged her away, choking. “You're Orlando,” she says, hoisting James Corden up by the armpits and placing him into a squishy chair. Caitlyn, a staunch Republican, had at first shaken him off like a street urchin in a Dickens novel — “my political beliefs prevent me from helping out anyone in need, especially people who are not American” — but eventually ceded to his pleas after he'd started weeping into her dress. p.m.: Orlando and Patricia Clarkson are floating in space. ” says Orlando, groping at the darkness, feeling his lungs slowly disintegrating. “Jared,” she begins, “it doesn't have to be this way.” Orlando turns his attention back to Katy. ” Katy yanks Orlando onto the couch, on top of Tom Ford, who grunts and leaves. She hoists Orlando up by the armpits and pulls him close to her. She decides that it would, and instead lets the couch swallow her.

In truth, Orlando had dyed his hair blond because he'd been trying to confuse Justin Bieber into thinking they were the same person, in hopes that they'd stop punching each other in Ibiza. He has managed to flag down Caitlyn Jenner, whom he begged to grab him something, anything, from the bar. She grabs Orlando's arm and both disappear into thin air. p.m.: Patricia Clarkson bids farewell to Orlando and begins to walk toward Jared Leto, who is standing alone in a corner, wearing a Gucci bathrobe coat. Allison Williams sits behind them, wondering if it'd be awkward to move.They take over the showrunning duties from creator Beau Willimon, who in January exited the series when it was renewed for a fifth season. If I need to look glamorous or spiffy or young, or battling cancer, or a drugged-out and hippie type, it hopefully will be projected in my face.Katie Holmes had to literally escape her marriage under the cover of night through burner phones and lawyers in three different states, and special verbiage to ensure Tom Cruise can’t hypnotize their daughter Suri into hating Katie (like his other children do with their mother, Nicole Kidman) through thetan powers.But she’s been fairly quiet since that feat of badassery.She would not be allowed to “embarrass Tom” by dating publicly.

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