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The Russian Tea Room played host to Kate Spade's presentation of her latest collection for New York Fashion Week on Friday.

Lindsay's alcohol-monitoring bracelet's alert a false alarm. The first film under the pact, the thriller , shoots later this fall (also starring T. and Chris Brown, who curiously have SG deals as well), and the two remaining projects are yet to be determined.

But then he ditched her and she spent the rest of the night "glued" to model May Andersen.

Celebrity chef GIADA DE LAURENTIIS stops by to cook from her latest work, "Happy Cooking: Make Every Meal Count…

Without Stressing Out." Plus, country star and CMA award winner BRETT ELDREDGE performs his hit song "Lose My Mind," from his album "Illinois"!

Swinging a bright pink leather purse from her left hand, the 30-year-old rounded out her look with a pair of navy boots that seemed to be made of suede.

She got in a bit of posing alongside Deborah Lloyd, chief creative officer at Kate Spade, who whore a red floral dress with multiple rings of frills.

As a result, her marriage started to fall apart."At the time I really needed to take care of my health, and I couldn't take care of my health and get well and also take care of my marriage," she admitted.

"I did the best I could."She was quick to give Rushdie credit, too."By the way I think Salman did the best he could," she added. It just didn't work out."After splitting up with her then-husband, Lakshmi was single for a while before getting into a relationship with two different men.

First off, Ellen's "boyfriend" TAYT ANDERSEN returns, and he's bringing lots of wonderful news! The comedian never runs out of humorous stories, and fortunately for the world, he's put it all in writing!

David will be sharing more laughter with Ellen from his book, "Almost Interesting: The Memoir”!

Elsewhere this weekend, some old has-beens fared pretty well, people just kept on taking stuff, and a romantic comedy turned out to be something else altogether. [ star said that he uses the power of positivity to ascend through the smog covered skies and not “the force,” which many have suspected. I’m just thinking about puppy dogs, ice cream, and all the good things about life and that gets me off the ground.” [Photo Credit: *A Call To The Bullpen is a work of fiction. There's a valid debate to be had about the cosmic justice in news that Hayden Christensen this week agreed to a three-picture deal with Screen Gems.

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