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You can verify that dynamic pricing is active by selecting "Feature Summary" under the "Account Info" tab of your CCBill admin menu.

Dynamic pricing status appears at the bottom of the "Billing Tools" section.

If you try to customize any of the few areas that allow for customization it ends up making things worse.

The billing aspect requires you to either make a template for every conceivable combination of CPT and ICD codes or you will have to match the two on every visit...every time.

He recently reviewed Chiropulse, saying:"I attempted to use Chiropulse as both my SOAP note program and chiropractic billing program over the last year and a half.

The only good thing about it was that it was cheap.

I say cheap rather than inexpensive because it really is an inferior product and the service sucks.

The documentation side is full of inconsistencies and requires you to have to go back in and correct errors in almost every note.If you want a sure thing (the closest to love at first sight you'll get with billing software), check out Get App's list of various invoicing solutions to see if one fits for you.However, if you want a laugh, take a look at these nightmarish billing/invoicing software reviews. Chiropulse reviewed by Back2Basics Back2Basics is a "punny" chiropractor from Pennsylvania who also teaches anatomy--and he's sick and tired of those subpar chiro-centric billing software solutions out there.For almost a decade, MNBS Payment Solutions and its partners have been providing online dating solutions.If you are operating a legal online dating service, let MNBS Payment Solutions provide its payment services to your company.For example if your subscription is configured to recur every 2 months, users will be charged every 60 days.

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