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But even though you set the two of them up, you loved Niall more than a friend, you already developed feelings for him before Y/B/F/N did.

After about three stops, the elevator comes to a complete stop. " "No, no this can't be happening." Niall starts panicking and his breathing becomes long and heavy.

I laugh and press all the buttons on the elevator's dial.

After ruling the roost in the UK, One Direction took over the world with their catchy pop hits and became the first band in the US to release four albums and all debut at number one. But as Niall touched down back in the UK after the group's Australian and Asian tour, he must've been feeling relieved to get back onto home turf.

He looked ready to relax too in his casual chino, tee, trainer and flat peak ensemble.

Ward is known for her “Naked Diet” cookbook and has been dubbed the “naked chef.” A source revealed to The Sun that the reported couple met through friends and that: They’ve been on a number of dates while Harry has been in London and he’s already introduced Tess to some of his close friends including his personal stylist Lou Teasdale.

This really seems different to Harry’s past relationships as Harry genuinely is besotted with Tess and doesn’t want to risk messing this one up.Brands I have worked with include Fortnum and Mason, Itsu, Grey Goose, Sainsbury’s Panasonic and Kallo.I have also worked in the kitchens at River Cottage, The Ritz, and often host VIP dinners for clients such as Alice Temperley, Mulberry, Models 1 and other brands.The next few days flew by like a breeze, and I finally get to leave this boring place they call a hospital and go back home. "Mhm." I mumble back to him, he smiles and grabs my hand. Niall isn't that much taller than I am, but he always argues with me about it. "Let's get you back to the others." He says and I hop into the passenger's side of his truck while he throws our belongings into the back seat. **** "Well, I'm bored." Harry says as he plays with Kim's hair. We say goodbye to the lovely nurses that took care of me and walk out of the hospital. "Ah." I breathe in the fresh, yet thick smoke scented air.

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