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INTERPOL is the world’s largest international police organization, with 190 member countries.

Our role is to enable police around the world to work together to make the world a safer place.

Du kan også finde nogle udtalelser fra vores brugere på vores hjemmeside.

Scandinavian design is like this: practical, unpretentious, beautifully efficient and powerfully satisfying in its simplicity.

And when you own a home entertainment system from Primare, you’ll sense that we celebrate these values as well.

The re-evaluation of this and of subsequent maps, together with the data contained therein, gives birth to new perspectives.

By introducing these reference points of time - substantiated in astronomical terms - the appropriate chronology of the epoch in question, which has been much disputed, may now be dated with considerably greater precision than possible before.

SUMMARY, PRESS RELEASE and RESPONSES regarding Ove von Spaeth's treatise on dating Senmut's star map, which was published in "Centaurus" 42;3, July-August 2000. According to the new-orientating, larger analysis: the world's oldest star-map seems to contain information of an actual celestial event of its time.

The paper in question was later re-edited, for non-astronomers, to be used in the appendix in volume 2 of Ove von Spaeth's book-series on the historical Moses (cf. This discovery uncovers the earliest exact scientific description of an otherwise rare, but not unknown, celestial phenomenon.

Hver dag befinder tusindvis af enlige i Frankrig, Europa og verden over sig på Easyflirt. Egnede værktøjer til din rådighed for at hjælpe dig med at kontakte/snakke med andre medlemmer!

Hjemmesiden bruger den nyeste teknologi for at optimere dating.

Nordic millennials want payment apps that are convenient, simple and secure, and they want it all in one place – so-called simplex solutions.

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