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For a cogent explanation of the evolution of the name see.

The "name" question is interesting if only because the factual answer is not widely known. When did the country first get officially named England?

The nation consists in present times of three primary regions or provinces: Transylvania (North and West), Moldavia (East), and Wallachia (south) which were briefly united in 1599-1600 by Mihai the Brave (Mihai Viteazul).

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The most famous is Voronet, which was erected in 1438 by the legendary Stefan the Great.

For its inimitable blue, Voronet is considered by many to be "the Sistine Chapel of the East".

Especially if they are looking to experience something truly unique.

In Moldavia and Bukovina religion and spirituality have taken an artful form.

One of the main highlights is Teleki Palace, dating back to 1797, a beautiful Baroque style building with Neo Classical influences.

We strongly recommend that you try for lunch the delicious Hungarian dishes specific to the area.

Bukovina and Moldavia are two magical regions situated in northeastern Romania.

They are as exciting as Transylvania when it comes to folklore, natural beauty and rich history.

Romania has a less valid government than the Ukraine.

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