Mike sorrentino dating paula

But even with such a large audience, things never got as violent as I think people were hoping for.

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Sorrentino was a contestant on Season 11 of Dancing with the Stars, eliminated on the 4th week. In 2010, Sorrentino appeared with Bristol Palin in a public service announcement for The Candie's Foundation, as part of its Pause Before You Play campaign to prevent teen pregnancy.

The name of the series was later changed to New Stage after the theme song title of the same name, written and performed by another New Stage costar Mykell.

But now I'm watching her pass him notes at the tanning salon, hand him her alcoholic drink to hold, and cock-block him HARDCORE at the club, and she's starting to make me nervous.

I get that you care about him, but you two are together.

When I'm right, I'm right, but when I'm wrong, I'm really wrong, okay? Sometimes things go well and I find an extra $20 in my jeans or some candy in my couch, and sometimes things go poorly and I misjudge a cast member on Jersey Shore. And this week — you guessed it — that cast member is Paula Pickard.

To be honest, I was a little obsessed with her when she first came on the show this season.

Sorrentino and his fiancé had contracted to appear as participants in a reality TV program called 'Marriage Boot Camp' which is being produced by Think Media Factory in Los Angeles, California."Um, sorry, Mr.

Sorrentino and his The pair signed a contract to film the show from Oct. News has reached out to Sorrentino's rep for comment.

was getting boring because the cast was maturing, The Situation goes and proves me wrong.

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