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I have another friend whose father had a borderline mental illness.He was sane enough that he appeared “normal” — but he really had the emotional maturity of a teenager.Whatever it is, like I said, a boyfriend shouldn’t be mean.

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If that’s the case, here are 8 tips on how to deal if your boyfriend is mean to you.

When your boyfriend says or does something mean, let him know immediately that it's not okay.

Sometimes he resorted to anger and stomping around the house in a grown-up version of a toddler tantrum.

As a teenager and young adult, I couldn't understand why there was such a disconnect between us and why our relationship was so superficial.

The word "feisty" actually stems from the 19th Century feist, meaning "small dog", so it's easy to see where the image of a feisty person as a fun-loving, bold, and spirited one is derived from.

Becoming more feisty by fostering these qualities in yourself can be a way both to enhance your own enjoyment of life and also to make yourself more appealing to others for friendship or dating, so if you're on the fence, read on!

“Unfortunately, some family members are so psychotic that no matter how hard you try to forge a healthy relationship, nothing will help.

Now that you're an adult, take refuge in the fact that some things are beyond your control.

"Assertively but kindly ask, 'Honey, could you empty the dishwasher? "We don't think we should have to make these simple requests. Your first step: Try to figure out the source of your hubby's doctor-avoidance, says Puhn.

In reality, though, some spouses need a nudge."The fight: "You need to see a doctor."Jenny of Powder Springs, GA, grew tired of her husband's complaints about headaches and arm numbness because he refused to visit a doctor. "People often ignore health concerns because they don't know what to do if they get bad news.

My own father (now deceased) could be a very difficult person.

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