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Henson, 46, a Golden Globe-winning actress, shares how life has changed, personally and professionally, for her since Cookie came along and reveals her dating fears. I had to buy a house in California on a private road and I have to get up very early in the morning and dress in a hoodie to walk my dog, so that's a direct result of the show.I always loved to people watch but now I can't because they are always watching me. I think I'm a very outspoken person but I have to be politically correct.If you like the sound of them (and us) you can become a member of the exclusive Bowes-Lyon Partnership.

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It was hard and even though he (Marcell) is now 22, it's still hard.

His father was taken from him at a young age and that's tough on a boy because he really needs a man in his life.

This is a chance to enjoy an informal, friendly chat over coffee, so that we can get understand you and your requirements. We just want to find out more about you: what makes you tick? From this, we’ll develop an idea of whether we’re the right match for each other.

Based on our chat, we can then show you the profiles of some current members that we feel are a good fit for you.

Relationships can provide a real sense of satisfaction when they flow smoothly or they can be a chief source of stress. Here’s the thing, there’s an art to interpersonal dynamics, a set of skills, that unfortunately we aren’t taught. My mission and my passion is to teach these skills and help you make powerful, lasting changes in your love life.

Don’t fret, I’m here to help you take responsibility for your happiness.

returns for its third season, not everyone will be back. Henson, who plays Empire Records matriarch Cookie Lyon, says most of the cast had to wait for the first script to find out which major character was killed off. READ MORE: *Seven questions with Empire star Taraji P Henson ​*Mariah Carey to guest as superstar singer on 'Empire' *Empire's Jussie Smollett is happy to talk about sexual fluidity *Taraji P Henson talks Empire building How has changed your life?

On the bright side, the cast welcomes singer Mariah Carey, guest-starring as a famous performer who is friends with Cookie. It's the battle of light and dark and you start seeing one of Cookie's sons going very dark but Cookie is trying to find the light and get that balance back with the family. Seeing a love that has been through so much adversity, so many obstacles and to finally see the bough break in this relationship is tough for her. I can't go shopping at Target any more and it was one of my favourite places to go.

That didn't work out for Cookie and she went to jail.

Your partner, William La Marr Johnson, was murdered in 2003 when your son Marcell was only nine. Being a single parent is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

And it’s proving popular with more than 6 million users worldwide - a figure that is expected to hit 10 million by the end of the year.

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