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Sir Ed – who is standing in June to regain his seat of Kingston and Surbiton, which he lost to Conservative James Berry at the 2015 general election – was responsible for awarding the contract when he was in office.The committee said such cases underlined the need for a major overhaul of the Acoba system, which is intended to prevent conflicts of interest when ex-ministers and senior civil servants take up private sector jobs within two years of leaving office.

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But Mrs May’s party, which has been the subject of several swipes by the paper since Mr Osborne took over as editor, was also criticised, with the paper claiming that the Tory leadership was moving in the “wrong direction”, by going “further away from the social and economic liberalism that has made our country and its capital a global success story”.

It said that Mrs May’s supporters had been left feeling “embarrassed” by her “performance on the stump”, but said “no one doubts her intelligence, diligence or integrity”.“She is a patriot who works hard to achieve the best for Britain.

In 1980, noting the first use of the Special Award category, Shulman observed that "In 1968 the judges felt that Alan Bennett's work Forty Years On did not fit either the category of a Play or a Musical.

But since they liked it so much they gave him the coveted Dobson statuette as a Special Award.

without first clearing it with the official watchdog.

The Commons Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee said he had set an “unhelpful example” in taking the job without waiting for the advice of the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments (Acoba), which vets jobs taken by ex-ministers and senior officials.This logo image could be recreated using vector graphics as an SVG file.This has several advantages; see Commons: Media for cleanup for more information.The committee said it could not make any judgement on Mr Osborne’s personal conduct as it had not taken evidence from him.It added, however: “The only justification for a minister or civil servant taking public or private sector employment in a field for which they had responsibility is where they might be returning to or continuing to work in an occupation or profession where they already had an established track record and experience.” In other cases, the committee noted Mr Osborne’s special adviser at the Treasury, Rupert Harrison, had also joined Black Rock, while Liberal Democrat former energy secretary Sir Ed Davey was an adviser to the lobbying firm that acted for the French energy giant, EDF, in its successful bid to build the Hinkley Point C power station.“The failures of governments in this regard have damaged public trust in politics and public institutions and led to repeated scandals,” it said.

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