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With comedy superstars Kristen Bell and Ted Danson as its stars, the NBC series is not only funny, it’s transforming the landscape of what a 22-minute sitcom can be: The typical tropes and jokes are gone, and this high concept comedy is so entertaining, it’s easy to not even realize that we as viewers are subconsciously exploring an ever-deeper conversation about morality.

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Their road trip becomes increasingly complicated and dangerous when they are chased by the feds (led by Tom Arnold) and later Charlie's former gang of criminals (led by Bradley Cooper).

When MTV News caught up with the fun-loving, real-life couple recently, they provided expert teasery and commentary as to why we'll all be dying to see them onscreen together in the film.

No offense to Dax Shepard, but considering Kristen's talent, success and overall adorableness, she's a tad out of his league.

And now, thanks to this throwback picture of the couple Dax shared on Instagram (on a Monday, not a Thursday), I can say with certainty Kristen was WAY out of Dax's league when the two met.9 years ago.

And unfortunately that bottom lip isn't from injections, it's Skoal. Dax Shepard was using chewing tobacco when he got together with Kristen Bell, who was already famous from “Veronica Mars” at the time.

That's right, I landed @kristenanniebell while in the throes of a nasty dip habit. Dax must have had some really funny jokes, that's all I'll say about that.

She then reprised the role in the 2014 big screen version of the series.

"Veronica Mars" lasted until 2007 and Bell was quick to land herself a guest starring role on another hit series "Heroes", which saw her starring as Elle Bishop.

"The movie became a metaphor for that, for a couple dealing with people's past," Shepard explained.

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