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Once the gear change is made, the riders weight moves the wheel back and re-tensions the chain.Despite its simplicity, for its time, the Cambio Corsa was a masterpiece of engineering.The gear is changed by operating by two levers on the right side of the bike’s right seatstay.

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Throughout the ages, riders equipment has always to evolved so, we take a look at the most iconic and game-changing road bikes throughout the ages.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but contains some very famous and innovative machines.

Sarah Palin is reportedly angry at her daughter Bristol after it became public that Bristol is dating her Dancing with the Stars competitor Kyle Massey.

Bristol, 20, and Kyle, 19, became quick friends during the reality competition, and the National Enquirer reports that the two began to secretly dance together.

But Bristol told Sarah: 'Back off and let me lead my own life!

' She doesn’t agree with her mom’s politics or her control­ling ways." After Bristol broke up with her son's father Levi Johnston, she rebounded with a short relationship with an Alaskan pipeline worker named Gino Paoletti.And then there’s the fact that a wife would definitely want some from her husband when he gets home.Gino thinks the new name adds an extra special something too. She rose to prominence after winning Big Brother 2010 and entered Ultimate Big Brother the same year.She was a regular guest host on Channel 5 magazine series OK! Gibson was the first contestant to be selected by Big Brother to be a housemate on Day 1 of the final Channel 4 series of Big Brother.And if you think the delicious, battery Toad In The Hole is safe from the dirty innuendos of this grim world, we’re afraid you are very wrong.

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