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King had become breakfast show host in 1998 after two years on the lunchtime slot, while also hosting a weekend dance music programme called "Club 969".After a year of presenting the breakfast slot alone, he was paired up with Ross (a long-time colleague and socialising partner)."I'm a relationship type of guy," he said."I love to be in love, love cuddling. 😢While Justin didn't name any names, he's only ever been serious with one girlfriend — Selena Gomez.

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Scammers will do anything to gain their victim's confidence and trust.

They will invest months and even years grooming victims into believing that the connection is real.

They may hide behind a fake profile of an attractive person, whose image has been taken straight from the internet.

They may even seem to know all about the target’s interests and hobbies as they have researched the person online or befriended them through an online forum.

He recently appeared on "Celebrity Poker", but has since said that he "won't be appearing on any more reality shows as [he has] been on too many".

But I have friends, and depending on which ones I'm with, either they're jealous or consider me to be a lonely guy. The "should Michael date" debate came to a head recently; both sides were represented at a gathering I attended.

Every week, there seems to be a new rumor about who Justin Bieber is dating.

First it's Kendall Jenner, then Hailee Baldwin, then back to Selena Gomez. But Justin is here to set the record straight, and it looks like everyone's had it wrong all along.

He is currently employed by Heart London on Weekday drivetime from 4pm-7pm.

Also, King presents Saturday breakfast on Heart FM from 6am-10am with Lucy Horobin.

Until then, it's clear that his number one focus is his music, and we can't wait to hear what he has in store for us next.

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