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LAS VEGAS (September 8, 2015) – After a public nomination process, and a vetting of nominations by the PHOF Governing Council, the finalists list eligible for induction into the Poker Hall of Fame in 2015 has been determined.It will now be up to the current Hall of Famers and a blue ribbon panel of media members to determine who actually does join this exclusive club.

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A few days ago, many poker fans over the globe noticed that Viktor Blom and Gus Hansen's pictures had been removed from Full Tilt Poker's website and poker client - which started some speculations on whether they also had been removed from the The Professionals.

Read more » Full Tilt Parts Ways With Gus Hansen & Viktor Blom , Full Tilt Poker pros Viktor "Isildur1" Blom and Gus Hansen were supposed to play against each other on Sunday, September 14.

S B Hansen vs E Schon, 2012 1-0 S B Hansen vs J Ferreira, 2015 1-0 D Perrett vs S B Hansen, 2015 0-1 Navara vs S B Hansen, 2015 0-1 S B Hansen vs M Richter, 2011 1-0 J Bosch vs S B Hansen, 1999 0-1 D Schlecht vs S B Hansen, 2012 0-1 A Ornstein vs S B Hansen, 1999 0-1 A Feuerstack vs S B Hansen, 2013 0-1 A Berelowitsch vs S B Hansen, 2012 1/2-1/2 Danish Championship (2006) Danish Championship (2007) Politiken Cup (2015) Danish Championships (2003) Politiken Cup (2013) Politiken Cup (2012) Queenstown Chess Classic (2012) Reykjavik Open (2011) Politiken Cup (2009) 36th Olympiad (2004) Bundesliga 2009/10 (2009) Chess Olympiad (2016) European Individual Championship (2015) Chess Olympiad (2010) European Team Championship (2015) When Sune Berg Hansen won the 1998 Excelsior Cup in Gothenburg, he became Denmark's seventh grandmaster.

He was first at Hamburg 1999 and qualified for the 2000 knockout FIDE World Championship, but lost the first-round match to Andrei Kharlov.

But as pointed out by NOTE: You need to pick a username and password to post a reply.

And the prices for winning a championship was very 'amateurish' to put it mildly - and not worth his time and effort.

The actual date and time of the event are to be determined but will fall between November 7-10, 2015.

Eight of the ten finalists are living, and it is expected the inductee(s) or representative of the inductee will be able to attend the induction.

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