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These include: Syncing between Black Berry and a Mac By default, the software will sync your contacts to Address Book and your calendars and tasks to i Cal.If you are syncing notes, they will sync to Apple’s default Mail app.Team Pages has a great a calendar sync feature that allows you to sync your Team Pages calendar with our own personal calendar app, i.e. To take advantage of the Calendar Sync feature, you'll need to have a Team Pages Pro account, and unfortunately isn't available with our Free/Basic team sites (to upgrade, go to your team Settings area where you'll find the upgrade option or call Team Pages Customer Support 800-500-7203 ext.

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In the calendar section of your GMail/Google Apps account there is a list on the left of calendars available to view.

At the bottom right of that list is the word "Add".

To keep your data automatically synced between your i Phone and Black Berry, use cloud-based services offered by Google, i Cloud and Evernote.

Google offers a flexible solution for syncing your calendars and contacts, with support for a wide range of other devices.

Connect your Black Berry device to your computer using the provided USB cable and launch the newly installed Black Berry Desktop software.

You should see your device listed and there is a column of information on the side left which you can set up for syncing.Using the i Cal format (.ics) link below you can have the calendar software update your computer automatically with any new events or information added by the school.Brief instructions below cover the most popular online and calendar software.When you open the email on your i Phone / i Pad and click the link you will be prompted to confirm that you want to subscribe to the calendar.Check the calendar name appears in your list of calendars (under a heading 'Subscribed') - this will then automatically update as new by save keep" name="_GPLITA_17" href="#"NB: If you previously clicked the link above and 'added' the events to your calendar then they will not automatically update. Once you have 'subscribed' as above, you can delete the events that were added to your own calendar.You can confirm on the default calendar on i Phone, i OS Settings Now we have to check whether the events created in Google Calendar or some other calendar like Outlook or Yahoo calendars that you already configured on your i Phone.

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